Friday, June 13, 2008

Good bye my students

Dear all my students of Pharmacy, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta,

This week is the end of our meeting in class either for Writing 2 or English for Academic Purposes. Therefore, I would like to say sorry for all of the inconvenience I made during our classes. My deep thanks go to you all for the active participation during the whole semester.

I tried to do my best, really, however I still feel that there are many things left behind. So sorry for that, ok? Especially for the bad things I said, for the bad things I did, and for the promises I probably broke.

Last but not least, I will miss you all guys especially the fourth semester students for this semester is the last time you are obliged to take the English program from Language Center. It means, this is our last meeting in class. Hmm, I will miss you so.
And for the second semester students, well I just do hope that I would be able to see you again in class in the next semester. I really enjoyed being in the class with you in Pharmacy.

Well, just good luck for all of you guys and never stop trying to do your best in any field you choose.
"Do your best, and God does the rest"

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