Monday, September 8, 2008

Quiz of The Week

What would you do if you found a million dollar check?


nuruddin nova s said...

first i'll take it n see the detail on that check. maybe on that check written the user name.
n as a good moslem a'll inform hat or i'll bring to police office if i found a million dollars check.

but, in my deep heart. i'll take some of it to myself. but wait, it's not for me at all. i'll give it to people really-really need it. (i'll "shodaqah" it). or i'll give it to some orphanage. or i'll give it to mosque which will be build/repair.

fajar said...

* i go to bank to definite and liquefy the cek.

* i will get married,buy house with complite device

* buy a car and deposite the money

* contribute child foundation

Anonymous said...


GT 123

Anonymous said...

I would wait until three days then if nobody looked for it, I would spend it for my life and the charity hehehe...

Anonymous said...

If I found a million dollar check I would buy something and I would give it to poor men/women.