Monday, October 27, 2008

Substitutional assignment for absent student

Dear all students of any classes of mine...

Based on our agreement on the class rules we made in the first meeting, those who are absent (no matter the reason is) cannot be allowed to submit the assignment as given to the present one. However, I lately considered that I would not make someone makes him/herself to be in my class just not to miss the daily score. I do not want to have something worse resulted when making oneself in my class. Therefore, hereby I announce that if you are not able to join the class, our lecturer, please do the following things:
1. inform me that you will be absent before the class begins (by SMS is OK)
2. visit me in this blog
3. click "My Electronic Class" on the right bar of this blog
4. login yourself. If you haven't got an account yet or if it is the first time you are clicking it, please register yourself then do as istructed.
5. Then, click the course you are in as soon as you reach me in My Electronic Class.
6. Find out the announcement dealing with the assignment for absent students.
7. Do as it is instructed

Remember, it is wise and important enough to consider the due date and time.

Thanks and good luck.

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