Wednesday, November 12, 2008


On 30 October 2008 an English community was established in STMIK Sinar Nusantara called SiE.Com. It is a community in which around 10 students with enough English ability are gathered to enlarge their English. SiE.Com is also aimed at providing a media for those (students, lecturers, and staffs) who want to practice their English.

SiE.Com's first project is the wall magazine which will be published monthly. In addition, SiE.Com will also publish its digiMagz as soon as possible. The next regular project is the English hours in which all the members of SiE.Com will use their English anywhere. It doesn't stop here, there will be Film Show, Song Interpretation, Debate, Writing Contest, and more...

So, come on guys...join our community and enlarge your knowledge and mind way with English in SiE.Com !!!!!

Contact: Adhi, TI 08 DIII (08562817586)

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