Monday, January 5, 2009

Blue Print of Writing I Final Test

Dear all TI students of Muhammadiyah Univeristy of Surakarta

The final examination is just ahead, so get prepared every body. For our class, WRITING I, there will be two problems in the final test. Each is asking you to make a text.

I. Recount text

The topic will be one of the following:

- How You Spent Your Last Holiday

- How You Spent Your Last Lebaran Day

- How You Spent The Last New Year’s Eve of 2009

II. Procedure text

The topic will be one of the following:

- How to Make a Document by Using MS. Word

- How to Make an E-mail Address

- How to Make a Blog by Using Wordpress, Blogspot, Blogsome, or other Providers


  1. The test is an open dictionary test.
  2. The time is only 75 minutes, so be careful and use it as effectively as possible
  3. On the test, write your text in the table provided on the test sheet. Consider the elements of each text.
  4. Learn the concept and material in the book. Let me know if you find any questions or troubles through my e-mail.
  5. Good luck

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