Friday, May 1, 2009

Hello World...!!

Hello...! It's nice to be in here again. Hmm, how are you all dear fellows? How's life? I just do hope that everthing goes just like what we want. And just like what we planned before. Amiin

It's been such a long long time for me not to appear in this blog. however, truly I am longing for it and here I am. Right now, alhamdulillaah, I am in such a happy moment of my life. I have two adorable kids that make me smile and love them more and more day by day, and a hubby that hmm, so understand me. Beside that, I also have more itme doing my other side of my life too. Ssst, it's a secret. just, wait for the correct time to know, oke?hehehe...

Last but not least, see you in anywhere fellows, and keep the life spirit. Don't forget for what I often said, Bigger Higher Better. And one more (I got the new inspirational one): try not to become a man of Success but Try to become a man of Value. That's what Einstein said. It's really beautiful, isn't it?

So long...

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Oneinos said...

why don't u make a personal site bunda?

i think it's a good 4 u than posting on your bussines/edu site.. :-B