Sunday, April 27, 2008

Learning English is Easy

It is quite true that 'practice makes perfect'. Yeah, this also works on English or probably almost any language learning.

Most students of English as Second Language often say that it is so difficult for them to improve their English. Even, they frequently find it hard to keep the previous vocabularies remain in their memory. Well, that's quite possible for I've noticed so far that most of them hardly ever (or never) use their English in their everyday life. Their most reason on why they never use their English is because they have no partner.

Well, if I may say that practicing English does not always need a partner. You can practice your English anytime although you have no English speaker beside you. The question is 'HOW COME?" Well, the answer is quite simple. Here are some tips on practicing our English when we are alone:
1. Give a comment to anything that interests you.
Take an example, if you go to a mall and see a very beautiful dress, just simply say 'Wow, that dress is very beautiful. and etc, etc.
2. Use one of your belongings as your partner in practicing your English.
You may use your doll, your bolster, your car, or anything to be your partner. Talk about anything with it. After saying something to it, reply it by yourself as if it were the one who did.
3. Say one sentence as the expression of your feeling either in the morning when you are about to start your day or at night when you are about to close your eyes.
4. Stand in front of the mirror and comment on yourself.
5. If you want, note every sentence/comment you make. After that, go to someone whose English is much better than yours to check.

In conclusion, just say at least one sentence every day to keep you familiar with English. If you do it every day, sooner or later your English will be better than before. So, isn't it easy?

However, I suggest you as well to join any English club or maybe an English course in which you will find a more challenging time to practice your English with a real partner.

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